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That doesn’t work!

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Some things just don’t do what they are supposed to. Such as placing a link in the post title.

GoComics: Love the site, reading about 15 of the comics they post there, but they don’t seem to “get” RSS. I keep finding myself being sent to yesterday’s strip, or the day before, or even older than that, until I get a “you need to subscribe to read this strip from the archive”. I thought RSS update means the latest, but I guess somewhere along the way things got a bit off.

ActiveState Perl: They did a great job of bringing perl to the mush that is Win32, but when it comes to installing modules, usually a very transparent trip to CPAN via the commandline tool. With ActiveState’s flavour, cpan crashes with an odd message:

Alert: While trying to 'parse' YAML file
with 'YAML::XS' the following error was encountered:
Usage: YAML::XS::LibYAML::Load(yaml_str) at .\Perl\site\lib/YAML/XS.pm line 70.

using AS own ppm is good, but to a point, there seems to be some funky issues with updating/upgrading modules, and naturally, it’s limited to AS own pre-compiled modules.

I eventually managed to get stuff to install and run, by downloading the module locally, and then running cpanp.bat (i.e. CPANPLUS) from the extracted directory. Such issues reinforce the CPANPhobia I occasionally encounter on Perl-related issues, and doesn’t do much good PR to neither Perl nor CPAN.

Also, I always wonder, I often remark that the Internet is not the Web and vice versa. The question is, how much of the Internet does the web take. Email traffic, naturally, takes a huge slice of the pie, in the sheer number of emails being passed each day. But, being mostly textual, this slice’s bandwidth is relatively lower (I’m guessing here). OTOH, File-sharing traffic is probably lower in its pie-slice (users and items), but way heavier in the actual bandwidth and packets transferred. And, there are many other protocols. I’ll try looking up some actual numbers.


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Monday, August 11, 2008 at 9:20

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