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Drolling down the river

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There’s nothing like starting a new week with a bang.

Sadly, the only bang worth speaking of comes from the Large Hadron Collider. Now, I’m not that puritan, but those Brits and their sexual leniency can sometimes get on your better opinions.

I mean, c’mon. Not only they have a huge phallic object, supposed to recreate a “big bang”, but they keep referring to it as the “Large Hardon”. Yuch.

With that out of the way, it may seem that we are going for a week composed mainly of “meh”, not that its predecessor was anything exciting.
Despite the “yes, we *are* getting another Katrina, praise the lord!” announcements coming from different media outlets, Hurricane Gustav failed to really do much damage, apart from the damage to said media outlets’ ratings.

Also, Google released a browser. Or should I say “Google! Released! A! Browser!”. Once the dust cleared, people rushed to the scene to discover that it: loads web pages.

True that it has a newandexciting rendering engine that loads rich web “applications” in a newandexciting, multi-processed way, with a newandexciting javascript engine to create a newandexciting user experience. But other than that? It’s a browser. And it loads web pages.

Is it any wonder that a few uninspired desktops are toted as “The Amazing Artwork of Fedora 10“?
Is it of any difference that two parrots that can whistle 4 notes in order are described as “The Greatest Thing You Will See On The Internet All Day“?

And so, with no major war planned anywhere, all we left with, this week, are warm noodles described as “a new triumph in Pasta”. Allez Cuisine!


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Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 9:58

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