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Don’t pass “Go”

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I’ve just seen the following howto about how to rearrange Firefox toolbars, and most importantly, how to remove the silly “Go” button. Here’s a quick explanation:

First, find “userChrome.cs” in the Firefox profile, then you need to edit it with the following:

#go-button-stack, .search-go-button-stack {
display: none !important;

Nice, isn’t it?
And if you want to do something else? You need to find the relevant variant of that button/toolbar, and edit the css accordingly, ad nauseum. To restore it, you need to find the line you edited, and remove it, so that’s not exactly user-intuitive either.

Let’s check how you do the same thing in Opera.
To remove a button (any button), right click and choose “remove from toolbar”. To return it, right click and choose “customise”, click on the buttons tab, and drag the button to wherever you want it (and there is no “Go” button by default. You can add it, but it’s not an icon, just a button with the word “go” on it, so that’s an incentive for not including it).

Much better, nu?


Written by Erez

Wednesday, November 1, 2006 at 20:38

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