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Cut the crap, OpenCity

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Seems like it’s “annoy Erez” week once again.

Ever heard of OpenCity? Me neither. Nor can I learn more of them once I read about the (possibly, I don’t really know) SimCity clone at Linux Games. The reason? I get bumped out everytime I try to access their homepage.
Turns out Opera was set to be identified as Internet Explorer at some point in the past, and now it keeps announcing itself as IE, which is a persona-non-grata at OpenCity’s site. I’m not joking, they practically boot you out and close the window if you go to their site with IE. Only problem is, that Opera have decided to hide that feature quite well (since they realised this was damaging their market share numbers), and I had to search very very hard to find out how to set it back.

Oh, and for kicks, this page didn’t have any browser filtering script, so screenshots are OK for IE, but not the homepage.


Written by Erez

Sunday, October 29, 2006 at 23:01

Posted in Internet, Politics

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