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Cut the Crap, Mozilla.

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In a recent, smug, triumphant, in-your-face, Q&A some guy from Mozilla composed with himself, the following claim has been stated and is repeated here, verbatim, unedited, untouched:

Ultimately, Debian took a position that was consistent with their own policies, and not compatible with some of the exceptions to Mozilla trademark policies that we offered. While we understand and respect their decision not to work with us under our branding guidelines, Mozilla believes that brands like Firefox are important for consumer protection.

You read that right. Consumer Protection. For the sake of all that is good and holy. How and when did the cornerstone of Free-Software become Microsoft? Oh sorry. Make that “cornerstone of Open-Source”. After all, they never did care about Freedom.
Consumer protection my foot. The only thing they need to protect their consumers is against themselves, Digital Restriction Management-stylee.

And what about Firefox 2.0? Turns out it has finally got to the stage it should’ve always been at, which is a total and shameless ripoff of Opera. Hopefully by 3.0 they will get multiple tabbing line and finally be usable. You see, the only real reason to use Firefox has been their position as the free-and-open alternative to MSIE. With the new “consumer protection” phase, that position has become null and void. Use Epiphany, use Flock, use IceWeasel, use whatever fork you want. Just don’t believe the Hype.

Oh, and Mozilla? Trademarking your shit won’t work. Check what Oracle just did to Red Hat.


Written by Erez

Friday, October 27, 2006 at 22:01

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  1. I really think you should look up the term Consumer Protection.
    Firefox isn’t just for the geeks any more. For quite awhile now. If someone distributes a modified version and still calls it FireFox, and that modification happens to introduce a huge problem into it, then users will have been mislead to using “demmaged goods.”
    Mozilla didn’t say “don’t fork this project.” They’re just saying “if you fork, don’t call it FireFox.”
    Every open source project, including linux itself, has a benevolent dictator. For FireFox, Mozilla is it, and they’re doing exactly what a benevolent dictator is supposed to do. They get to say what FireFox is. Anyone else can use their code to distribute things which won’t be called FireFox.


    Saturday, October 28, 2006 at 16:42

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