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I didn’t think reading the “Beez” recent referance to the GNOME/KDE “wars” would benefit me much, as his latest article was called “3 reasons why NOT to use GNOME“, so one shouldn’t expect too much objectivity/rationality from such a writer. I was happy to find myself wrong.

Not only does the Beez rectify himself by distancing his writing from the X Vs. Y hoards, he also acknowledges the simple truth:

One thing that this war has learned me (sic) is that the smartest people of all are the “civilians”, our users. They just use a mixture of what is there and don’t understand what the fuss is all about. They happily shop in the giant bazaar for whatever they need.

Truer words were never sounded. I use GNOME, I’ve used KDE on occasion, and have tested Kubuntu as a possible replacement for Ubuntu with every of the past releases since 5.10 (Breezy Badger). I kept returning to GNOME, not because it had more features, or because it had more application, or because of quality, or because of configuration issues or because of support for freedom or because of anything. Simply because I like it better. Like. It’s a nice argument isn’t it? I admit openly that KDE is better configurable, has better apps, better quality, is more mature as a project, and is free, while GNOME has some crappy apps, keeps treating his users like idiots (yes, Torvalds is 100% spot on the mark there) and incorporated Mono (as GTK#), but I still like it better. It might be that this is caused by GNOME being the official Ubuntu DE, which means they have sunk more hours of development, refinement and customisation into it, but it can also be because I simply like it more. I really dunno. But I have this weird nagging feeling that a lot of people are like me.

On the other hand, I also hope a lot of people are like the Beez:

I repeat it one more time, I really don’t care what you’re running as long as I don’t have to run it.


Written by Erez

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 at 14:30

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