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Seven Dudly Sins

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Off the bat, I didn’t think Kotaku‘s post about Destructoid’s Gamer sins post was going to add up to anything, seeing as they are two competing gaming “blogs” (comment marks to indicate that said blogs are actually gaming news/articles sites with paid employees). However, reading into said post, I found this interesting line:
For my own part, I despise the tendency of gamers to regard the personal tastes of themselves or others as wrong. Liking or not liking something is not immoral, because it has no effect on others.

But, isn’t that what it’s all about?
Just think of the last commercial you’ve seen, doesn’t matter which. I can almost guarantee that it either showed you doing something “right” or something “wrong”. Car commercials, for instance. Either they show the driver comfortable, relaxed and enjoying the safety of his car, or they show him cutting through side roads, taking risky turns, running through fences, etc.
Basically, if they can’t make us feel good about purchasing their product, they’re going to make us feel “bad” about it.

So, in a sense, having gamers feel that they “sin” when they play games, is actually a good sales pitch.

Written by Erez

Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 21:47

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