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I use the enemy…

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I never did like Microsoft Internet Explorer. Probably the only time I used it solely was when IE5 came out to an almost empty market, following the collapse of Netscape. Some time later, I discovered Opera, and that, as they say, is that. With Ubuntu being my main desktop OS, I have removed even the existance of IE from my computer.
The problem is, that most companies I’ve need of their web services have not heard about other browsers, and under false claims such as “applying to industry standards” (translation: our web-developer based the site on ActiveX and we don’t want to pay it to re-develop the site) and “supply of the user-base demand” (trans: our IE-only site has 99.9% of IE visitors), not only don’t support other browsers, but also prevent those browsers from accessing the site. And these sites include my bank, college and several others that force me to visit them while at work or (shudder) reboot to windows (which is probably the only reason for me to keep that OS on my machine), moreso, my company product depends on IE and ActiveX, which makes it impossible to run on any GNU/Linux configuration.

As an answer to my woes, comes IE4Linux, a script that installs IE on Wine, making it available for web-developers who need to be able to view their sites on IE and for IE-only sites. I’ve yet to test it, true, but if this works, it might mean that I can (FINALLY) remove my Windows partition and finally be able to use those 15 GB of hard-drive that are rotting away on the Windows partition. But more on that in the future.


Written by Erez

Sunday, September 17, 2006 at 21:18

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