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Lie less, do more

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I’ve just noticed the following marketism in a certain unnamed customer, I searched it and found that it common enough for me to dwell on: “Promise Less… Deliver More!”

The impression here is that company X who deliver product/service Y promises a “Y-” (Less than Y) but actually deliver a “Y+” (More than Y, where Y usually refers to quality, but can mean quantity, price, etc). The actual meaning is that, when you have a product/service Y, once you promise Y-, just deliver Y and you’re all set, as Y > Y-. So if I can, say, deliever in a week, promising a 10 days delivery will means that by simply keeping to my standard quality, I’ll “deliver more”. It’s not what one would call a blatant lie, as they do, in some twisted, perverted sense of the word “deliver more”, but not the “more” that everyone’s been thinking of. Actually, since they promise “less”, they are disguising the true value of their product. It may be larger than what they’re promising, but that’s smoke and mirror. No one can deliver “more”, regardless of what they promise. If I can give you “Y+”, then that’s my product. Y+ is my Y and that’s because, (which is the part most people tend to forget), to get “more” one needs to invest “more”. More developing hours, better transporting equipment, more operators, whatever. You want “more”? Get prepared to pay more. If you pay the same, you get the same, but probably you were conned by their sales guys to believe it is “more” by promising “less” to you.

Written by Erez

Saturday, September 16, 2006 at 16:17

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