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Get off drugs, get into religion

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In a relative note to what I previously posted, I want to clarify that although I may not think that Miguel De Icasa‘s little project is up to any good, that has nothing to do with my concept of his abilities, or his sense of humour. Que his latest blog post:
Microsoft’s Avalon is … God’s way of punishing us for replacing the ten commandments with the Design Pattern fad.
To which I say Amen, brother. Now how about stop mocking around with trying to re-create .NET and start putting your talent for some good use, eh?


Written by Erez

Monday, August 14, 2006 at 20:55

Posted in Programming

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  1. […] It’s usually starting with me trying to load up http://erez.wordspace.com. I’ve been using wordpress for quite a while now, so why’s the constant error, I dunno. Next I’ve decided to italicise the quote in the previous post. That took about 5 re-writes. First the closing tag was wrong, then I forgot to close the one on the “Amen, brother”, and then I noticed that the sentence ends with both a comma and a dot (was probably aiming for a semi-colon and missed) and two other typos. Excruciating. […]

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