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I’ve never been much of a fan of Superman, to start with. It’s an overpowered, unbalanced, hard to write for (they never can decide how fast he flies, for example), and, frankly, boring character. The biggest character issue it has is the conflict between goody-guy Supes and his mild mannered (read: goes nowhere, does nothing) alter ego.

However, I’m an avid fan of “Golden Age” DC comics, and you can’t get more Golden Age than 40’s Superman. And now, courtesy of the website en el extremo del universo, I get a chance to not only experience the reconstruction of such “lost” Golden Age Superman story, but to see the unfolding of the biggest shake to the DC history. Not in the retcon sense, mind, but in the actual historical sense.
According to the site in question, the recreated story tells of the first time Kryptonite was mentioned in the comics, BEFORE it was mentioned on the Superman radio show. The known story is that before one of the shows, the guy who played Superman was sick, and so they had the guy who played Batman, on the Batman radio show to replace him. Of course, how could they explain that Superman, presumably invulnerable, is sick? So they explained that Supes was subjected to a radioactive element from his homeplanet, that is Kryptonite. This, along with several other elements and characters, eventually found its way back to the comics and Superman canon (what ever left of it, natch).
Finding that Kryptonite was first shown in the comics is indeed something, in this sense. I can safely assume that whomever is reading this probably think I got a bit of priority issue, this isn’t a discovery of an earlier Magna Carta, after all. But, on the other side, Superman is, under no dispute, the most recognised Comic-book character (and perhaps more recognised than any comic character). In this sense, it’s as “crucial” to the American history as the Magna Carta, as it means that today’s generation was born into a world where a super-strong character punched bad guys in the face in the name of Truth, Justice, and The American Way of Life. Kinda like what’s going on in Iraq today, don’tcha think?


Written by Erez

Friday, August 11, 2006 at 21:13

Posted in Comics

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