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What am I missing here?

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Dozing around the interweb-thingie, I found that GEMS aims to make large-scale Gentoo Linux management easier. I think I’ve seen several of those “easier Gentoo installation” and “easier Gentoo management” distros, and I’ve been meaning to ask, what the hell are you thinking?

The whole Gentoo project is, first and foremost, aimed at “hard-core” Linux admins. Those who are willing to forego “easy” installations, like Ubuntu or Fedora use, and in exchange, achieve a better control over their systems. Most Distros place pre-compiled binary packages as part of the installation, which means these are not optimised for any system. By using Gentoo’s regular compile-everything-from-source installation process, said Linux admins get much more control over what they install, where do they install it, and get a more-optimised system in result.
Using Gentoo to install pre-compiled packages isn’t just missing the point, it’s not even understanding what to aim at.


Written by Erez

Friday, August 4, 2006 at 6:12

Posted in GNU/Linux

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