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Comments about comments about comments about E3

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Not that I have mentioned it before, but my reaction to the news that the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the unnecessarily huge gaming event has been cancelled was “FINALLY!” I hated that show, in the sense that it was boring, bloated, and didn’t do anything for the industry.
More than that, the stories about whole development cycles being halted for more than a month to create a stable, cool-looking E3 demo were just the tip of the iceberg in whatever “benefits” did the actual game developers receive from it.

Naturally, there were lots of different comments, commentaries and, recommentations (heh). VGMwatch collected several of those into one article. My favourite is this one:

“If you watch the 11 o’clock news during E3, they don’t show anything. The news is “The video game industry has its annual trade event,” and they show these guys walking around dressed as Spock or whatever. I guess that makes the public is aware that there’s an event, but it doesn’t make anybody go buy a game.”

-Industry Analyst Michael Pachter, in a quote compiled by GameSpot


Written by Erez

Thursday, August 3, 2006 at 17:34

Posted in Journalism

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