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Chapter 24: Of stars and rocks – a memory of accident, or accidental memory? – viewing as vouyerism – a pirated part – the author’s continous decent into insanity

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I’ve been watching a lot of RockStar: Supernova and I just had a very odd… moment.
You see, I’ve watched an elimination episode from week 2 on TV, and therefore had to get past episodes downloaded.
So it took me another week or so before I caught up with the series. I’ve just watched the latest reality episode, and they commented about something I thought I saw on last week’s performance.
Watching that episode, I was under the impression that the singer, Jill, hit Supernova’s guitarist, Gilby Clarke with the mickrophone stand. Accidently, of course, she dropped it or thrown it and it hit him.
They were watching that and commenting on the way you need to know where everyone on the stage is.
The reason why I thought it was odd, was because I was looking for that discussion about people on stage for two weeks now. That’s also the reason why I noticed that mickrophone hit. I was looking for it.

I’ll explain it a bit. As I was going over the three weeks’ worth of episodes (three episodes a week), I had a memory of that elimination episode I watched on TV. That memory was of one of the Supernova group, I think I was under the impression that it was Clark, but it could’ve been Jason Newsted, saying to someone of the contestents something about not hitting people.
I recalled that it was something to do with a stage move that didn’t came right, probably a kick that hit someone (from the audience, perhaps?).
So when the discussion arrived, it wasn’t deja vu, it was “is this from THIS WEEK’S EPISODE?” how the hell do I remember something that was broadcasted TODAY?
True, I could’ve imagined that I watched that incident. A false positive. But it doesn’t change the fact that I actually looked for the performers to hit someone from the band or the audience with their stage act.
A lot of the memory wasn’t a clear-cut “evidence” of whatever happened here. I would’ve probably dismissed it myself, if I haven’t been experiencing it. I mean, I remembered that one contestant performed the same song twice, which was true. The other two songs were previously performed by others in the show, and that made me a bit dazzled about whether I remembered the right songs.
And there was me looking for a minor stage accident. One those things that “just happened”. No bones broken or anything, just someone gets kicked or something. And then one of Supernova commenting about it.
two weeks after I stopped looking (seeing that elimination episode the second time) I found the scene I was looking for. Happening three weeks after I watched that elimination episode the first time. The only episode I had memory of, being the only one I watched up until that point.
Three fucking weeks.

I’m going to sleep over this for a while.


Written by Erez

Wednesday, August 2, 2006 at 23:51

Posted in Music, Television

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