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Romero: Quake was rushed

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Probably not-news (although I don’t recall anyone of Id going out of their skin to emphasise that Quake was rushed to a point they threw out everything but the simplistic DOOM deathmatch gameplay), but I just loooved this dialog:

scar3crow: …in Quake we encounter little in the form of … morbid decorations. Short of the textures used in the shotgun room in Place of Two Deaths and the stretched skin of faces over flames and crucified zombies, the Quake universe seems oddly devoid of recent death beyond the havoc you bring upon it. Was this a, excuse the pun, casualty of the change of workflow due to time?
John Romero: It was definitely a case of “not enough time” to put a lot of polish on the game.

scar3crow: Only in a line of work such as yours, can the crafting and placement of mutilated corpses be categorized under polish ;)
John Romero: Wicked sick polish :)

scar3crow: Quake is not exactly renowned for its AI, but was there anything planned before time became a big concern?
John Romero: Well, Quake’s gameplay was coded pretty quickly so that “feature” just slipped through the cracks. :)


Written by Erez

Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 10:37

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  1. dear lord someone outside of the regulars at inside3d and func_msgboard read that interview? awesome


    Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at 22:41

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