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A comparative review of IE7 beta 3, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 beta 1, and Opera 9, when discussing Firefox’s new Phishing detection feature:
We were unable to find a site that tripped this tool after setting it to run. We threw every URL from patently spam emails we could find. Perhaps we really did win a million euros or owe that eBay user’s PayPal account for that $465 we don’t remember bidding on“.

But honestly, one is in a late beta stage, the other just started beta, and the third is a released product. How can any comparison do justice to any? The beta products get a forgiving nudge saying “this will probably be fixed/implemented/work in the released product”, while the released product gets scoffed for not including certain features now. On the other hand, the beta products have a lot of stuff that doesn’t work, while the finished product doesn’t have broken elements. Not a comparison in anyone’s book.


Written by Erez

Thursday, July 20, 2006 at 19:43

Posted in Internet, Journalism

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