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In and out of context

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This post from OSNews quotes verbatim from the article it links to, and yet, in some magical way, manages to convey exactly the opposite:

Yesterday, I got Qt running on top of the Glib main loop. By using the QAbstractEventDispatcher API, I was able to completely replace the entire event dispatching mechanism of a Qt 4 application with less than 600 lines of code. What does this mean?

That was exactly my question when I read the extract. Amusingly enough, the writer is actually a QT developer, and he answers his question with “No integration” rather than “I’ve no fucking clue”. Which is more or less my answer. And keep in mind, I have some minimal understanding of what he’s referring to. I guess someone with even less understanding of programming would probably use many more expletives in his answer.

Written by Erez

Saturday, February 25, 2006 at 23:22

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