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Follow ups and downs.

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Some recent stuff I found which, in one way or the other resonate with stuff I wrote previously. Just interesting to see other people’s takes on stuff I opinionated on:

Hideo Kojima, Director of the Metal Gear Solid games (and the Metal Gear ones, but who’s counting) claims that, believe it or not, Games Are Not Art. He compares video games to cars, saying that “an actual car, like a videogame, is interactive, … There are 100 people driving a car; they have 100 ways of driving it and using it … So this car has to be able to be driven by all 100 of these people, so in that sense, it’s totally not art“. In his opinion, video games contain art, and the video games directors/producers’ job is similar to “running a museum”.
I find his opinions nicely resonating with some of my own on the matter. Looking forward to read the full interview once it becomes available.

In other news, Gaim, the multi-protocol Instant Messaging software, just released it’s second beta. I’ve written quite at length about it and my experience with it. Sadly, no word on any Ubuntu adoption of it, yet. Not that I’m going to experiment with it… Yet.

Unlike the respected Mr. Jakub Wojnarowicz, I have no problem expressing my love for all things Nintendo, but this disturbing image of a mocked-mushed-up Zelda Revolution controller just irritates me to no end.
To which I can only say, ahem… IT MUST BE MINE!!!!!!!!!!111


Written by Erez

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 16:15

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