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This is your computer, this is your computer on Windows

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I assume everyone’s been hearing of Microsoft’s latest “GNU/Linux doesn’t run on older hardware“. Well, guess what? they lied. Side note, I’ve been running Ubuntu on my Pen III 800 ThinkPad laptop, with nothing more than 64 MB or RAM. Granted, I’ve been using XFCE4 rather than Gnome, but it runs like a charm. It also runs win98 SE, of course, but that’s not exactly supported by Microsoft, hinting that they don’t really want their users to keep the old hardware. So the real question here is why bother with this research in the first place?

More on Microsoft Security, last week I wrote about the whole WMF fuckup. By that time, Microsoft have released a very rushed patch, several days before the official release date (Meaning the patch was not planned to be released, despite the critical risk it presented anyone with a Windows machine) a move that was quickly spun as MS security execs patted themselves on the back claiming a “record release time”.
So, with the patch released and the flaw addressed, is all well in Redmond?
Are you kidding me?
For starters, it might be that the patch force your computer to install it. Second, it seems that patch does not address all the flaws caused by the WMF rendering engine. And they still have the audacity to claim GNU/Linux is less secure.

While on the subject, Grisoft released a GNU/Linux free version of their much popular (and much recommended) Anti-Virus software.
I prefer using ClamAV, as well as its sister project, ClamWin for Windows, though, but it’s nice to have a choice.

Thanks to OSNews for most of the links.


Written by Erez

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 1:33

Posted in Computers, GNU/Linux

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