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Post that rumour, hacker, and I’ll kill you…

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Through the Avatar of much Evil comes the following heart-warming, much awaited… rumour. Darn.
Anyway, GameGossip with the dish: “Though unconfirmed at this time, a recent filing (or should we say re-filing) on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website shows that Electronic Arts re-filed the [System Shock – ES] name on December 15th, 2005.”

OK, not something that should raise our heart beats in palpitation, as this might be some very ordinary, beurocratic procedure on behalf of the Gaming Giant, but if there’s one thing EA has diligently insisted on doing with the System Shock franchise, was ignore it completely and utterly. From the total marketing blackout they laid on System Shock 2, to the almost complete absence of it from their (innavigational by human being) website. So why now? I’ve no idea. It could be, and probably is nothing. But, those things tend to have a reason, and so far every rumour that was backed by trademarking or domain purchasing turned out to be correct, if only to a degree, as it might be some diablo style XboX game “based” on the System Shock story called “System Shock: Rise of the Hackers” or “SHODAN’s revenge” or something. Also keep in mind that EA had nothing to do with both System Shock and System Shock 2. The first was developed by Looking Glass and published by Origin, the second was produced by Looking Glass, developed by Irrational games, and only distributed by EA as the franchise holders, again, without any marketing whatsoever on their side. If this is really a System Shock III, made in the spirit and true to the two previous games, I’ll be shocked (no pun intended (honestly, I only thought about it after I wrote it (although you have to admit it did came out kinda nice))).


Written by Erez

Monday, January 9, 2006 at 16:44

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