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Getting desperate for those puns.

More information about my previous post regarding the whole GNU/Linux “vs.” Windows security befuddle.
NewsForge offers another way of judging the numbers, while The Register presents a somewhat lenghty article regarding the real difference in security between Open Source products and Microsoft’s.

ShackNews unloads 8 screenshots of Galactic Civilizations II. Anyone here played GalCiv 1? No? good. Gotta keep my indie cred.

In the “don’t ask me, I have no idea”, here are excerpts from what appears to be an old Adamanese phrase book, but just might be simple culture jamming on account of Jabal A-Lughat. Thanks to tha Bruck for the link.

In a similar note, I got to this page of the Linux Journal via an RSS link from their feed. It was supposed to be something about Python. Must be some new concept they’re trying out.

Written by Erez

Friday, January 6, 2006 at 8:11

Posted in Blogging, GNU/Linux, Links

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