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Airing of Grievances

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I’m closing up shop.
Not in any sense you may think of, simply, after a couple of years spent in the current dual-boot configuration, I believe it is finally time to change things. Mainly move the Windows XP partitions to a much smaller habitat, and the GNU/Linux ones to the better, faster harddrive, as well as allowing for more space.
Of course, after so much time, this HD Feng-Shui isn’t going to be easy at all. For starters, almost every partition on the computer is clogged by gigabytes over gigabytes of stuff. Comic Books, mp3s, you name it.

The Parkinson Law states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. I believe a safe derivative should state that “your files expand so as to fill the space available on the harddrive”. I look at the 100 GB of space I have and simply can’t believe I got along with a measly 10 GB just 7 years ago. Granted, I had a very slow dial-up connection so it took me ages to get even close to filling that one up, but still. On the other hand, most of what I have on those partitions can probably be located and downloaded again, so it’s not much of a loss.

I’ve finally given up, BTW. The GNU/Linux installation is going to be the KDE flavour of Ubuntu. It’s partially due to the recent “use KDE” announcement made by a certain Linux creator, but mostly because I’ve fed up with all the really cool apps being part of KDE and not Gnome.

Gamespot have released their 2005 best and worst feature. It’s December 22nd. This is from the site that once voted Diablo as their 1996 Game of the Year despite being released about 3 days before the end of that year. I know it’s nitpicking for the sake of picking nits, but I always thought GotY should be decided well after the year has ended. Then again, we are talking about Game “Serious Sam” Spot here. Oh, and to view the winner of each category, you need to click on the video link. Brilliant. At least you don’t have to subscribe to their failing “Gamespot Complete” this time.

I also need more RAM. What I have now is not even inadequate, it’s freaking embarrassing. If this was a penis size, I would be the laughing stock of the boys’ showers. I know size doesn’t matter, but I’m zipping some heavy files I want to backup and it hogs the computer like there is no tomorrow. Which is probably the time these archiving will end, at the current rate.


Written by Erez

Thursday, December 22, 2005 at 12:25

Posted in GNU/Linux

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