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More software quirks. I’ll probably change this blog into “blog where I keep complaining that software X doesn’t work/has a weird bug/doesn’t do what I want/do what I want, but not how I want/looks ugly/annoys me that I can’t find anything bad about it”.

Anyway, VLC. It’s great, but there always seems to be a flaw in the ointment.
I’m using it to listen to Ormgas which is a streaming radio playing OCReMixes. And while everything is fine and dandy, there’s just a weird pause every start of a song. And I’m not referring to pauses BETWEEN songs, mind you. Every time a new track begins, it plays for like 2 seconds, then there’s a half-second pause, then it resumes. I’ve scanned the preferences dialog, but failed to find what’s causing this. Oh well.

Written by Erez

Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 1:12

Posted in Music

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