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Links II: Attack of the links

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Still with Clickable Culture, kids design video game bosses. I think one shouldn’t mess with kids imaginations. I’m too scared to even go to that page and see what they designed. And it was made by a bunch of kids… designed by a kids commitee? Scary.

From The Website at the End of the Universe(Good thing I’m not a word count, that would’ve made the entire post): 9 people (3 of them actors) have been trained and “launched” in a fake shuttle. On the way back, I assume they’ll collide with the fake atmosphere and blow up.

Honorary friend of the bear, Mr. Richard Cobbett esq. have put on a post about some MMOG blog he’s working on. Reading the blog costs 15$ a month, and it will be published half-broken, with bug fixe… sorry, “Extra content” will be patched later.
So far there’s no indication whether you can go “Leeroy Jenkins” on the blog.

The Borowitz Report: WAR IN IRAQ GOING WELL ON EARTH II. Of course, on Earth-X, Saddam has already conquered all Earth but Antarctica (Those Damn Penguins!). Why do I have the feeling the Crisis on Infinite Earths will still leave us with our version of things?

Via SlashDot: The term “Podcast” has been added to the New Oxford American Dictionary. I assume pwned and w00T are next. Only way it can compete with the n3w l33T 4m3r1c4n Dictionary.
Neural cells made of rats have been able to fly planes. Warning: Suggesting that your plane is already flying on rat brain may cause an unscheduled landing. Parachute not guaranteed.

That’s it for this bunch. Whew. 600 to go.


Written by Erez

Thursday, December 8, 2005 at 1:22

Posted in Television, Weird

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