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Out with the old in with the… Older?

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I’ve finally given up on jEdit. Too cumbersome, and I’ve not been able to get anything right from that one. I’ve decided to (re)try SciTE (Scintilla Text Editor). It’s much, much lighter than jEdit, and would probably get me kicking in the right direction. Hopefully. The concept here, is, apart from giving me a good text editor (obviously), is that extra mileage I need for Java work. It’s just too damn bothering to do any serious Java coding without some auto-completion aid, and SciTe can be extended in such a manner.
I’ve also been trying out the Opera 9.0 beta both on Windows and GNU/Linux. So far, a good experience. The 8.51 has been crashing too often for my taste. The only actual problem so far is that they changed the New Tab/New Window keyboard configuration. Until now, Opera used Ctrl+N for New tab, while FireFox used Ctrl+T (new Tab), and Ctrl+N for New window. Now Opera use the same thing. It’s a bit of a mess, I keep opening new windows instead of tabs, but those things are just a manner of habit, and it will help me to open less tabs when I use FireFox at work. It also handle gmail better than it used to be (although that’s hardly a breakthrough, it handled it horribly before).

I’ve been playing around with html editors, I’ve most recently been using NVU, and quite like it, however, just recently we’ve started using 1stPage2000 in class, and despite the somewhat old and clunky interface, it seems like a good choice. It’s a textual editor rather than a WYSIWYG (meaning you can only edit text in it, but it gives you a very thorough support for that) but then again I’ve always been one for a more bare-bones approach.

I’ve been also seeking some other CD-rom burning software than Nero. The 7.0 version is just so bloated. I never used anything in it bar the actual Burning Rom part, and now there are so many weird things there (what the hell do I need Nero Scout for, anyway?). Since I’m already been using mostly GnomeBaker anyway, I’ll hold on this one until I can find something small, free and stable.

Whoof. Enough software for one day. Well, one hour, honestly.


Written by Erez

Tuesday, December 6, 2005 at 10:18

Posted in Programming

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